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Call: 416-886-3418 Email: ruffsport@yahoo.ca Location: New Tecumseth, ON

Call: 416-886-3418 Email: ruffsport@yahoo.ca Location: New Tecumseth, ON

RUFFSPORT and Aqua Dogs is owned and operated by none other than lead trainer and President/Owner, Heather McLeod.  Heather has had a lifelong love affair with dogs and their well-being.  This has led her to developing an extensive array of positive fun-loving programs and companies based on her unequaled background of physical knowledge, dog training and dog sports. Her training skill set cross’s multiple sports from Manner, Behaviors, Advanced tricks, Agility, Disc, Dock Diving, and Flyball. She is also a fully certified positive reinforcement dog trainer with over 15 years of real life situations. She has helped 100’s of people to get what they want from there dog which has included better manners and behaviors including pulling on lead, jumping up, barking and guarding. She has the knowledge to ensure your dog is set-up for success and you have the knowledge needed to ensure continued success even after the training is completed.

Although Heather is Sport Mutt certified and trains with using her extremely precise positive reinforcement training program her past 15 years in the business is whats set her apart. She has a strong understanding of the way dogs think and the motivation behind those thoughts, Her program focus’s on being positive rather than being permissive which helps the dogs make better decisions on there own. Heather and her group of trainers focus on getting the dog to truly think by shaping behaviors, rewarding the correct choices, building confidence and then developing the handlers/owners skills on where and when to reward. Timing and body positioning is everything! This includes relationship building and a desire to play! Heather has attended and graduated many training programs, seminars and continually upgrades her skills to the most progressive and positive training environment available today. Although theoretical course continue to build knowledge nothing speaks stronger then true in the world practical experience.  Heather is a FULL-TIME dog trainer and spends every single day helping dogs and people go through life’s journey in a positive, stress free way.

Heather owns and handles a performance team under the brand RuffSport Entertainment. This team of amazing dogs is rated among the most requested talents at special events. Couple this with Heather’s energy, enthusiasm, laughter and smile and you have an amazing show! Heather believes that the best way to continue to enhance her skills and support her programs is to show here team in action!  This year alone she will attend over 20 events with many performances each day. She also believes that as a trainer the best way for her students to learn is to see how her training methodology translates to her very own dog team in the most challenging environments for dogs. If you get a chance to see her amazing dogs in action, take the time and enjoy the performance. Its really something special to watch.

Call: 416-886-3418 Email: ruffsport@yahoo.ca Location: New Tecumseth, ON