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Dock Diving

What is dock diving? Well it’s a great activity that pretty much everyone can learn to do with there dog. Dogs and handlers will participate in an activity where dogs are measured on either distance, speed or height. We cover off activities and have the specialized equipment to teach all three. We’ve been teaching dock diving for over 10 years all over North America and we now have our own competition grade dock and pool unlike any in North America. The equipment is designed to handle everyone and every dog.

Why train with us? We have been training dock diving since the beginning of this sport in Canada. Our lead trainer Heather McLeod has earned many top awards and 1st place championships with both her own dogs as well as many of her students.  We’ve trained successfully more people and more dog breeds then any other facility in Ontario. We us only positive re-enforcement training and we ensure that your dog is having fun! Whether your looking to just have fun with your dog or looking to becoming a serious competitor we can help you get where you would like to be.

Questions and Answers about dock diving
1) What if my dog doesn’t like the water?

Well, its really more about the toy and less about the dock and water. We’ve trained all types of dogs and our style of training ensures that both you and your dog have a great time learning.

2) My dog jumps off the dock at the cottage, will he jump at the pool?

It’s a different environment with clear water and a dock being off the ground. Most dogs need to get accustomed to the new environment. Start slowly and build confidence before expecting to much from your dog.

3) What if my dog has never swam?

This is perfectly fine, we teach all types and all breeds from small to big.

4) What age can my dog start to train in dock diving?

You can start your puppy at just 8 weeks of age training foundations. You can start any adult dog as long as they are in good health.

5) What if my dog has no toy drive?

Will need to assess possible other ways to work with your dog to find ways that are fun for your dog. Either way will come up with an acceptable action plan that we can work together with you and your dog.

6) Do you have the same set-up as we would find at an event?

We have an incredible set-up that we’ve designed with our team and only the best of both equipment and accessibility for both the handler and the dog. Our equipment is designed and set-up to simulate an event style environment.

7) When do you operate the training dock?

The training dock will be open in May and we typically operate until late September depending on the weather. The best place to monitor whats happening at the dock is to follow us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RuffSportTeam

 Call: 416-886-3418 Email: ruffsport@yahoo.ca Location: New Tecumseth, ON