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If you have a adult dog or pup that you would like to set-up on the right path for success for manners, behaviors, obedience or sport we can help. If you’re going away for a vacation/holiday and you want your dog to be trained while you’re away we have the service for you. If you have a dog which may have challenges getting placement in a traditional kennel we may have a program for your dog at our facility. Our program is a minimum of 3 – one week blocks where we will work and manage your dog 24/7. To set-up a pre-boarding consultation appointment please email us at

We also have a daily service where you can bring your dog for as many days as you would like during the week so that while you’re away or at work your dog is being trained and being taught how to be a well mannered dog. Unlike a standard kennel program this program is set-up in a way that your dog is learning the manners and behaviors from one of our certified dog training instructors. The team of instructors will work with your dog to ensure your dog stays on the path of being a well behaved dog. Dogs can and will learn from other dogs both good and bad behaviors. In our board and train program we set the dogs up for success to learn only the behaviors being taught by the certified trainers. This program has daily, weekly and monthly rates available. Please email Heather at to request further information.

Boarding and Training Program
The Board and Train Program Includes:
Full Boarding (Feeding, Walks, Playtime, Play groups *if appropriate*, Overnight Boarding)
Personalized Training sessions customized to fit your dog and his training needs
Private training sessions throughout the day with certified trainers
Group Training sessions
Basic Obedience is taught including:
sit/stayloki down/stay
wait at doors
walking on leash without pulling
come when called
leave it
drop it
go to crate/ go to place
problems behaviors are addressed such as:
potty training
walking nicely on leash
social skills
listening despite distractions

Call: 416-886-3418 Email: Location: New Tecumseth, ON