Anna-Marie Kristensen & the Boys

I’ve known Heather for 1.5yrs while being a student of Ruffsport and loving it.We started with Dock Jumping added sport foundations and now
With a new puppy we started puppy classes and have moved on to sport
Its amazing to see how important foundation work is and how it
translates into a dog that totally understands what is expected of him/her
making it easier and much more fun
Heather’s methodology, knowledge, skill
and patients continues to impress.
I highly recommend Heather to all agility
enthusiasts; whether you are training as a hobby or planning to compete. Heather
has the dog handling and teaching skills to help achieve your

therapy twins


Ashleigh & Sherlock

We brought our 5 month old Border Collie puppy Sherlock to RuffSport based on a recommendation by his full-brother Ace’s owners.

We needed boarding for 10 days, but also liked the fact that Heather provides training which is crucial for a puppy.

Knowing she focused on positive reinforcement was also important, as it meshed well with what we do at home.

Overall Sherlock came back much calmer, and more focused. He know walks into his crate with no hesitation and is happy to do so. He also waits politely at doorways, makes more eye contact, and is less excitable around other people & dogs. My husband said he was like a brand new dog!

The icing on the cake was the fact that Heather is tapped into social media, and took/posted photos on Facebook almost daily. It truly made us miss him less, and helped us feel at ease being able to see what fun adventures he was partaking in.

Chrissy, Gordie & Jax
Thanks for taking the best care of our little Jax!!! He loves coming and socializing with the other dogs. He’s learned so much ( and us to ) since his first stay with you.

Russ, Lynne & Piper

Piper is an 18 month Boxer that her vet said is powered by Jet Fuel.  We had tried various training techniques with other dogs without much luck.  When we found Heather and Ruff Sport it was the luckiest day for both Piper and us.  Piper spent 3 weeks at Board and Train and returned a different dog.  She is now calmer around people and other dogs, she walks beside us rather than dragging us behind her, she is focussed and happy when we have training sessions.  We are now enjoying our dog instead of being stressed and anxious with her.  As well as being a tremendous trainer, Heather is wonderful to work with.  Always positive, happy and willing to help with any questions we have.  When we have another dog it will definitely go to Ruff Sport before we have problems.  Thanks Heather!


Melodie, Amanda & Kira

Kudos to Ruffsport who taught this energetic, playful golden retriever to embrace the work ethic of a service dog. Through positive shaping techniques taught by Russ, Heather and Anna-Marie, Kira has become accutely aware of her handler, Amanda, and works happily alongside her using the skills she has developed as a seizure response service dog. Ruffsport’s work with Kira is proof of how patience and positive training pay off in spades for long term results. Many thanks to the Ruffsport team!