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Call: 416-886-3418 Email: ruffsport@yahoo.ca Location: New Tecumseth, ON

Contact Info: Call: 416-886-3418 Email: ruffsport@yahoo.ca Location: Schomberg, ON

Daycare Programs

Standard Daycare – This program is your basic daycare program where we match your dog up with  a play group. All dogs in this category have been full pre-assessed to ensure your dog meets the criteria of being in his group. Typically these dogs will be low keyed, senior or just happy go lucky good nature dogs.

Puppy Day Camp – Do you have a new puppy and want to get them set on the right path, need some help or just need a break this program is for you. At RuffSport we offer a specialized puppy daycare program and training for puppy’s from 8 weeks to 1 year of age. We ensure that your new puppy is set-up for success by providing a managed and highly monitored program with a certified dog trainer.

Board and Train – Drop your dog off for a minimum 3 weeks and we will work with your dog or pup to set them up on a manners, behaviors or sport training. Different then a traditional kennel your dog will be with a certified dog trainer learning things that you would like from your dog.

Daily Board and Train – We have a daily program where you can bring your dog throughout the week for a daily visit. During the day the trainers will be working with your dog to build the desired manners and behaviors you are working on with your dog. We will also be able to help you with weekly coaching to ensure you’re working with your dog while away from the trainers to get what you would like from your dog.

Pre-Adoption Counseling – Selecting a new dog can be a big task. We will work with you one on one to help you with the process of selection and adoption. We’ve help many people to ensure that they have all the information needed to make the right choices when it comes to the new forever dog.

Call: 416-886-3418 Email: ruffsport@yahoo.ca Location: New Tecumseth, ON