Gearing Up Your Dogs Foundation Skills for Sports Competitions

At RuffSport, we can help gear you and your dog to become a dog sports team. We can start training them as a puppy and eventually teaching them skills as they grow up to become a Disc Dog, Agility Dog, Flyball Dog and especially a Dock Jumper or Dock Diver!

Puppy Training

Perfect for Pups 8 Weeks and Up

When you are looking for a healthy and fun environment to train your pet, choose only our trusted boarding services. We can provide your puppy with the following training exercises:

  • Crate Criteria
  • Desirable Puppy Behaviors
  • Mock Vet Exams and Grooming
  • Nutrition and Social Skills
  • Appropriate, Interactive Play
  • Socialization Games Amongst Other People and Dogs
  • Confidence Building

We can also help you learn how to change the following common behaviours that start as puppies.

  • Nipping or Biting
  • Over Arousal
  • Demanding Attention
  • Jumping
  • Barking

Specialized Dog Training

Sports Foundations

This is a type of obedience class leaning towards sports. As your trainer, we will teach you and your dog all the necessary self-control and will set up protocols to succeed in a game of your choice. This class is a must for anyone wanting to pursue any sports activity with their dog.

Basic Agility Class

For this class, your dog must have at least attended four classes of Level One Obedience training. Agility is a fast-paced and fun sport activity for pets and their owners. Together, you and your dog have to complete physical obstacles and overcome mental challenges. If you plan on having the next Agility Champion in competitions, we can help you reach that goal.

Average Agility Training

By choosing to attend this next level of agility class, you and your dog will be able to develop and enhance substantially. You will be taking a step closer towards bringing your dog to an actual competition and winning a tournament.

Higher Agility Sessions

During this time, you might have heard of dogs advancing through tournament levels or even gone to see a live agility competition. That could be you and your dog out there. As your trainer, we are here to help you take the plunge and jump into the next level of your Agility classes.


For Dogs Over Six Months Old
Imagine your dog working as part of a team, quickly turning and flying back over the hurdles swiftly so the next member can go. This fast-paced challenge is what we call Flyball. If you have a fast, high-energy pup, this class is for both of you.

Getting Started With Training

Our classes are available at various locations throughout southern Ontario. For the most spacious sessions available, you can attend our evening training.

Inquire About Our Classes

For more details about our classes and programs, reach out to us today. We would be happy to address all your questions and concerns accordingly.