Canada's Leading Positive Dog Training Company

Teaching Puppies, Dogs and Rescue Dogs along with their humans with patience!

Canada's Leading Positive Dog Training Company

Teaching Manners, Sports, and Puppy Classes for Your Family Pets


Bring Out your Dogs full potential, confidence is key!

At RuffSport in Cookstown, Ontario.  We specialize in providing positive reinforcement training for puppies, adult dogs. We focus on a well mannered pet or multi talented sport dog. We are a dog services company with more than 15 years of practical experiences.  We've been there, that enables us to help teach you how dogs learn whether small, big, or rescued.  We teach you to work with the puppy or dog that's in front of you by managing their learning!  

How We Can Help You build confidence in Your Pet!

As your dog trainer, we can help you bring out the best dog they can be. Our training programs are personalized for each pet, ensuring each to be fun and safe for both the owner and dog.


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