Teaching Dogs and Their Owners how to Improve Their Relationship

At RuffSport, we will help your dog discover valuable life skills and desirable behaviors. We will strengthen your owner-pet relationship while having the best fun along the way.

What We Can Do

We hold small group and one on one private training sessions to support whatever you’re looking for from your new puppy, dog or new rescue to the family. With both indoor and outdoor training options, we will ensure the highest levels of learning success for your canine team partner in a comfortable environment.

Why Train Your Dog With Us

We have trained dogs for more than 15 years while working on a 10-acre property in a homestyle kennel.
When training pets, we use gentle techniques with a reward-based system to reinforce a dog’s acceptable behavior. You will also learn new ways to teach your dog to understand  commands.

Let’s Talk

If you need new forms of training to improve your dog’s behavior, get in touch with our team today. We will promptly answer all your inquiries.